Avengers Infinity War Crafts

In honor of the premier today of Avengers Infinity, here are some of the coolest themed crafts I’ve seen this week.

First up, this awesome Infinity Gauntlet PDF crochet pattern by Amigurumi Barmy. Find it at

pic of knit glove
Credit: Amigurumi Barmy

Next up, who couldn’t use a little knit Mjolnir in their life.  Thor’s hammer pattern by the Knit Guru.  A free pdf can be found here.

thor's hammer
Credit: Knit Guru

And finally, I love this one the best because, really, who hasn’t dreamt of Chris Evans, er,  I mean Captain America, er, I actually mean a nice warm Captain America themed shawl, to keep them warm.  This gorgeous pattern is by Kate Tanski.  A pattern can be found at her blog Women Write About Comics.  More information and photos can also be found on Ravelry.

© Kate Tanski




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