Tangled Rapunzel Theme Birthday Party Part One

The yearly ritual begins. It happens at Halloween.  It happens at Christmas.  And it happens around their birthday.  I try to predict, based on my kids current obsessions, what costumes they want to wear, what gifts they might want, or what theme is going to dominate their next birthday party.  I tend to go a bit over the top, so the earlier I can figure out what they are going to want, the better.  This year, based on her incessant viewing of the show, I totally expected to be throwing a Shimmer and Shine party for Lucy Rose’s third birthday.  It was going to be adorable.  I began planning HARD with a whole bollywood dance theme.  It was going to be amazing.  About 6 weeks before her birthday, I asked Lucy if she wanted a Shimmer and Shine party for  her birthday.  (Yes, I know, I was leading the witness)  To my complete surprise, she said “No.  I want Tangled.” “Tangled? Really? Why?” I asked.  “Because of my hair.  Its so LONG.”  So, here’s the thing.  Lucy Rose’s hair is epic.  It is curly and wild and amazing, and it suits her personality perfectly.  And obviously, she connected with Rapunzel in a way I hadn’t realized.  So, Tangled it is.

First things first, I need a color palette. Based on the movie poster, I came up with this:

Tangled color palette

The lavender and darker violet are definitely going to dominate, matching the primary colors of Rapunzel’s dress.  Fuchsia is a great pop of color when paired with the more mute purples.  The golden yellow accents for her hair, the dark green for her gecko pal Pascal and the grassy valley her tower was found in round out the palette.

I watched the movie again and decided I wanted to particularly feature the purple pennants with the Corona sun, lights or lanterns, and of course, Rapunzel’s hair.  The Disney Family website and its British equivalent Disney Inspired have some amazing templates to work with, and really made my job a thousand time easier.

Rapunzel’s entire adventure is fueled by her desire to see the “lights” that appear every year on her birthday.

Credit: Disney Movies

I found a great template to create the lantern on Disney Inspired.  It was easy enough and the site includes clear instructions.  The template is full color, so print on cardstock on a color printer.  To cut out the shape of the Corona sun, I used my Fiskars Fingertip Knife, which I find gives me better control of the cutting, and a self healing cutting mat.  I used spray glue instead of a glue stick to stick the orange tissue paper, which may may have been OK, except I was a bit too over eager to start out with and sprayed too much, soaking the card stock and causing the ink on the lantern to run.  Lesson learned: be chill. The lantern is completed with a flameless flickering l.e.d tea light and voila!

Not bad, huh?

More later this week on my Tangled Rapunzel Party Planning and Prep!

Have the Best. Day. Ever!!!!

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